Questions You Might Have About Me...

How long and what grades have you taught?

I started teaching in 2000. I started off as a SFA Tutor (Success for All Reading Program)... I was given a small class in the mornings while I was a paraprofessional, and I LOVED it! My kiddos did very well and they gave me a bigger group. The Pre-K teacher at the time just got up and left during a Christmas classroom party. The principal asked if I could finish the day off with parents, kiddos and all. So I did! Then couldn't find a teacher to take the position for the second semester so they let me keep the class. My first experience...walked into this pre-K class with not much experience... just the little bit of tutoring and the 2 reading groups... but I did well.... and stayed there while I finished school and finally got certified. From there on I taught Pre-K for a few years, then went on to Kinder, then later 2nd... and now 3rd grade. It's been a rollercoaster with school closers and other issues (live on an island where hurricanes happen, so got misplaced a few times.... but still here! I'm a bilingual certified teacher... have taught GT kiddos as well..... So 20 years... :) and still counting!

What do you sell?

Mostly anything for Pre-K to 3rd grade... from task cards, to worksheets, to super cute decorations for your classroom.... I love cute clipart and making a classroom look adorable. So I pretty much create a new set of everything for my classroom every year and then I just put it all together and sell on TPT. Most of my products are for the little ones and I try to translate everything that I do into Spanish.....

What are Boom Cards?

Basically, they are digital, interactive, self-checking, paperless, super easy to use task cards that kiddos play online. You don't have to pay an account to use them, but if you want Boom Learning to keep track of grading and show you some data, then they have very inexpensive plans! Trust me, you will love these BOOM CARDS little treasures.... especially with the way things are nowadays... online learning, distance learning.. it's the way of the future!!!

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