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Updated: Jul 2

Welcome everyone. I know my blog looks like it’s under construction... hmmm that’s cause I’ve decided to beautify it myself... and although I love creating teacher material and cutesy classroom decorations, the blogging world is very challenging for me! But, I will figure it out and ultimately make it cute, easy to navigate, and fill it with my classroom creations!!! I’ve had my TPT store for about 7 years and it has many items some in English and some in Spanish that will show you the type of products I make with a few freebies that you can download and try. I’ve been working this summer on updating the older products, and I’ve discovered these magical little digital treasures that I can’t stop talking about “BOOM CARDS”!!!!! They’re these interactive, game-like, paperless, self-checking, digital task cards!!!!! You will love them! Your students and own kiddos will love them!!! More on those later... 😁

Again, welcome. I’m so happy you clicked on my page and maybe even my TPT store!!!

I would love it if you would leave me some ideas of future products that you would love me to work on!!! 🤗

@Alma Delia Lopez