Pandemic- I miss my students...

Updated: Jul 3

This year was like no other in my 20 years of teaching! As soon as we built a classroom community, a bond with each other, that ‘family feeling’... we left for Spring Break... and that’s it! We couldn’t go back... We didn‘t get to hug each other goodbye.😔This pandemic sucks!!! We got cheated our last months of school with our students. We didn’t get to see our kiddos’ smiles during all those end-of-the-year activities ( field trips, accomplishments, field day, etc... I MISS MY STUDENTS.

‘Raise your hand if you miss your students. Levante la mano el que extraña a sus alumnos’.🖐🏻#imissmystudents#teachersofinstagram#teachersfollowteachers#teachermemes#extrañoamisalumnos#bilingualbythebeach