Opening Google Slide Assignment on Canvas Platform-Chromebooks

Updated: Jul 2

This is the video that goes along with the one I posted earlier. Again, this worked for all of my students that have the Dell Chromebooks that my district provided for them. Soooo, I do not know if this will work for ALL of your students and their laptops if the are not Chromebooks... but I am thinking that the process might be similar.

So here, they will be opening an assignment with a Google Slide for the very first time. The first time that students get an assignment from Google Drive, they will be asked to authorize and allow the process. Once they do this, they will not have to log in again. I logged in as a student to see what they see. The only issue I had with this was that 2 students deleted the text boxes by accident when entering text (that's another issue)... The rest of them were able to complete a Google Slide assignment and submit without a problem. Hope this works for you!