Bilingual by the Beach gets a face lift... lol

Updated: Jul 2

Well, some of you might know me by Alma Almazan from Going Back to Kinder. Other's know me by Alma Delia Lopez (the name I was born with)... either way... IT'S ME!!! The bilingual teacher that has been teaching for 20 years on this little island I call home in Galveston, Texas! I was very active in the TPT and blogging world about 6 or 7 years ago... but then.....

hurricanes happened, school closures happened, and a divorce happened... yep! Life made it a bit difficult to keep up with being a single mom of 3 boys, working, and paying for such high taxes on this beautiful island of mine!!! But, things seem to have slowed down and it's feeling like I can come up for air.... So, I am still here and trying to revive my creative fun and artistic inner me.... She's happy and excited, but dang... you go away for a little bit and the internet adds so much more social media!!! Thank goodness I am not scared of technology!!! I will survive (singing the song in my head). I got this!!!